A message from Santa Claus.

Having trouble finding your name on the list? With so many kids in the world, the elves are having a hard time keeping the list up-to-date. Tell your parents to visit this website and Santa's Web Division will be right on it!

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Name Reason
Sarah Lara Good behavior
Sharon Cooke Played nicely with others
Sharon Lee Gave a friend a helping hand
Sharon Lewis Listens to their parents
Shay Dodd Rescued an abandoned dog
Shay Lee Was unselfish this year
Sierra Beach Listens to their parents
Sierra Brown Listens to their parents
Sierra Rivera Was unselfish this year
Sofia Gomez Helped the needy
Stella Johnson Tries their hardest to do good in school
Stella Wallace Was unselfish this year
Stella Wolf Rescued an abandoned dog
Stephanie Frank Helped the needy
Stephanie Lewis Helped the needy
Steven Davis Gave a friend a helping hand
Steven Turner Sat with a girl who sits by herself