A message from Santa Claus.

Having trouble finding your name on the list? With so many kids in the world, the elves are having a hard time keeping the list up-to-date. Tell your parents to visit this website and Santa's Web Division will be right on it!

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Name Reason
Lauren Smith I love seeing her learning at school and her dancing. She’s a nice girl and little sparkle told me she’s a special one!
Lauren Smith Lauren has been a good girl. She helped her Meme put away dishes, picked up the living room and has been doing her school work. I would love to see her help more around the house to help her Mommy and Daddy.
Lillian Cooke Rescued an abandoned cat
Lily Boyd Not listening to her parents, her grandparents or her teacher. Scratching and hitting her friends. Talking back to her parents. Not helping out around the house. Being mean to her brother. Not including everyone when she is playing. Lying to her parents.
Mackenzie McCabe Was unselfish this year
Mackenzie Moon Good behavior
Mackenzie Williams Rescued an abandoned dog
Macy Brown Welcomed a new student to the school
Macy Martin Tries their hardest to do good in school
Macy Taylor Good behavior
Madelyn Frank Helped out their family
Madelyn Miller Gave a friend a helping hand
Maggie Gerber Doing her school work and being good at the sitter.
Makayla Drennan Played nicely with others
Makayla Lopez Rescued an abandoned cat